Reasons you can sue your landlord

No tenant rents a property expecting to have problems with their landlord. On the contrary, generally, both parties want the relationship to be on good terms from the beginning and maintain this throughout the period that the tenant wishes to remain to rent the property.

However, there are times when problems arise, and it can be challenging to find a solution due to the other person’s lack of willingness.

It is important to remember that landlords have an obligation to ensure that their rental property meets mandatory habitability standards and that it is in a liveable and safe condition for tenants. If not, as a tenant, you have rights and can not only file a complaint with the proper authorities, but you may also have the right to start a claim process against them.

Here are some of the reasons why you could sue your landlord.

Reasons why you can sue your landlord

1. When the conditions of the rental unit are uninhabitable. A property is considered habitable when it has basic functional services such as water, electricity, and electricity. When the bathrooms, kitchens, and drainage system are in good condition and without problems. When the doors and windows are in good condition, and when the place has heating or air conditioning, among others. On the other hand, there must also be an absence of pests, mold, leaks, and any other situation that could endanger the tenants’ health.

If you find yourself in a place that lacks these habitable conditions, and your landlord refuses to make the corresponding repairs, you can file a complaint with the authorities.

2. Wrongful eviction. It happens when your landlord decides to evict you before your lease is up without valid legal reasons, such as non-payment of rent or property damage. Hence, your landlord must follow a specific procedure and cannot evict you overnight, even with a legitimate reason.

These are just two reasons why you can file a lawsuit. If you have any questions about your situation, contact us. Our attorneys have extensive experience enforcing the rights of tenants. Call today!

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