When amenities and common areas are not in good condition

Renting an apartment or a house that is part of a building or a housing complex can carry more responsibilities for landlords. It is not only about having each of the homes in good condition, but they also have to ensure that the common areas or amenities are in safe and hygienic condition.

Common areas can include hallways, parking lots, stairs, railings, sidewalks, and even, in some places, gyms, swimming pools, restrooms, dumpsters, and garbage collection areas, among others.

According to the landlord-tenant law, the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of all common areas of the building. This implies keeping them:

– Clean. Common areas must be free of trash and debris that may pose a risk to tenants. An unsanitary situation could lead to disease and pests, as well as presenting a hazard – just like debris – for someone to trip and fall.

– Safe. Common areas should have good lighting that is working all the time. There should be no loose wiring or unrepaired short circuits. In the event that the lighting fails, the landlord must repair it as soon as possible in order to avoid any situation that could represent a danger to tenants and their visitors.

– Electricity and plumbing. The landlord is responsible for ensuring everything in the building is working; this includes electrical and plumbing services, air conditioning, heating, elevators, gas, etc.

– Amenities. In the case of amenities such as gyms or swimming pools, the lessor must ensure that there is no risk for the tenants. Place warning signs in case of repairs and ensure that they are safe from access to third parties that have nothing to do with the dwellings.

If the conditions where you live are not sanitary or safe, you should notify your landlord immediately. There are times when other tenants or visitors can cause damage or leave waste around without the landlord realizing it. Give them time to take the necessary actions to correct them.

If this is not resolved, get in touch with us. We will guide you on what steps to take next so that you can live safely. Call us today!

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