What can cause a mice infestation?

As more natural places are populated, the more we come into contact with different types of rodents. Native rodent species are important to the health of the country’s grasslands and forests. However, other non-native species, such as sewer rats, black rats, and house mice, cause problems in the homes they invade and can cause not only material damage but also serious health problems.

Rats and mice are quite slippery; they can climb stairs, and walls, enter through small cracks and holes in the basement, ceilings, and damaged pipes, and enter through sewers. They make their nests in small places, and when you least realize it, you already have a whole plague of them in your home.

What causes mice infestation?

Rats and mice are attracted to the smell of food and will go to great lengths to enter a home in search of food, warmth, and shelter. In the winter months, this type of pest increases due to the cold temperatures outside, so it is important to know what causes infestations and how to avoid them.

These animals are omnivores and can eat almost any type of food or leftovers. They have a keen sense of smell and will be attracted to all places that contain food, from your pantry to your pet food, the refrigerator, and even the trash can. Although they seem to be more attracted to grains and seeds, any other sweet-smelling food can catch their eye.

They are attracted to small spaces, as cardboard, paper, cloth, or any other material that can be molded will usually work to create a safe nest.

Maintaining good hygiene is essential to avoid any type of plague. For example, keeping food well sealed and covered will prevent your house from attracting animals. If, on the other hand, food is left out, along with leftovers and crumbs, and you don’t dispose of your garbage in a timely manner, the likelihood of having rats and mice in your home will increase.

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