Top ten landlord responsibilities in California

Did you just become a renter? 

As a new, active, or future renter, you must know the top 10 things your landlord has legal responsibility for in California. When a landlord fails to comply with the laws regarding tenancy, the situation can result in legal disputes and penalties.

Below are ten rules a landlord in California must follow:

1 – Comply with Anti-Discrimination Law: 

Discrimination during the renting process can present itself in different forms. It can start as far back as the apartment listing and go into the questions they ask during the application process. Your landlord needs to be careful of what he asks you and how he advertises the new apartment. 

2 – Follow state rent law: 

When your landlord increases your rent, they have to respect the law and do it according to rent control or local laws. Rules also apply to late payments and penalties.

3 – Meet state rules in regards to security deposits and returns: 

The law determines a limit on the deposit that you can be charged when renting a new home. This varies depending on if it is furnished or not. After you leave the unit, they need to return the deposit within 21 days. 

4 – Provide habitable housing: 

Your landlord needs to offer you a habitable place to live and comply with basic laws so you can live in a place that does not affect your health negatively. 

5 – Have a legal written rental agreement:

It is crucial to have a document with all the details of your rental agreement. This document helps when you need to reference or confirm dates, amounts, and other important information.

6 – Make legally required disclosures: 

Your landlord must disclose information about the property’s electrical and plumbing state, mold or pest issues, flooding risk, etc. 

7 – Don’t retaliate against a tenant who exercises a legal right:

If a tenant decides to complain about a landlord’s wrongdoing, he or she should never face retaliation for speaking up.

8 – Respect Tenant’s privacy: 

Your landlord should not show up unannounced and without notice to your apartment. They need to give at least a 24-hour notice. 

9 – Follow correct procedures for terminating a tenancy or evicting a tenant:

There are laws in place that indicate the correct procedures in the case of eviction, and the landlord must respect and follow them. 

10 – Take advantage of your legal resources: 

If you are experiencing uninhabitable conditions or mistreatment by your landlord, you should take advantage of the resources available for you and get help. 

If your landlord is not following the law. Call us!

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