Important facts about tenant law

Do you rent housing in California? Do you know your rights as a tenant?

During the last few years, due to the COVID-19 crisis, there have been many adjustments or temporary changes in the laws for renters. Among these is protection against eviction. Below we will review your basic rights, as it is essential to be informed to feel safe in the place where you live.

These are your rights as a tenant:

  1. You have the right to live in a habitable place.
  2. The security deposit you gave should be returned to you 21 days after leaving the property. If any repairs are necessary, the owner must give you a price estimate and return the deposit balance before the deadline.
  3. They should not reduce the amount of refund money for normal use, wear and tear of the property. Your deposit should only be used to leave the apartment as clean as when you moved in.
  4. There is a limit of money that can be requested as a security deposit. This amount of money should not exceed two months’ rent if the apartment is unfurnished and should not exceed three months’ rent if the apartment is furnished.
  5. The property owner must not increase the rent more than the annual inflation increases. This means that it should not increase more than 5%. This is because there are rent control laws throughout the state of California.
  6. When you cannot pay rent on time, the late payment penalty must be reasonable; generally between 5% and 10% of the full rent amount.
  7. After the second day of non-payment of rent (after a reasonable grace period), the landlord may send you a letter asking you to pay rent or vacate the property.
  8. When you apply to live in an apartment, your landlord has the right to do a criminal investigation.

Remember that it is crucial to know your rights to always be respected.

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