¿Sabes qué es el pacto implícito de tranquilidad?

This covenant is an implicit part of every lease agreement in California and defines how the relationship between the property owner and the tenants should be. There are certain rules that the landlord must respect and follow to ensure the comfort and privacy of the tenants. Under California law, a rental agreement includes two promises […]

Las diez principales responsabilidades de los propietarios en California

Did you just become a renter?  As a new, active, or future renter, you must know the top 10 things your landlord has legal responsibility for in California. When a landlord fails to comply with the laws regarding tenancy, the situation can result in legal disputes and penalties. Below are ten rules a landlord in […]

Ley de vivienda justa

April was fair housing month. The main objective of this celebration is to commemorate the approval of the law more than 50 years ago, as well as to raise awareness about the issue and remind us that we all have the right to a habitable home.  This law seeks to end discrimination in accessing proper […]

¿Alguna vez has tenido un conflicto con tu arrendador?

At Friedman & Chapman, we understand that these disagreements are a common part of the tenant-landlord relationship. So, below we will go over the potential legal ramifications for you and the landlord and how to deal with them. The main thing to keep in mind is that, as a tenant, you have the right to […]

¿Has escuchado hablar sobre la posesión adversa?

Adverse possession is a term commonly used to determine who owns a property; It is generally used when someone wants to make a claim on someone else’s property. Through this process, the occupant acquires the right to the property by continuous possession instead of a commercial process. In the state of California, adverse possession requires […]

Datos importantes sobre la ley de arrendamiento

Do you rent housing in California? Do you know your rights as a tenant? During the last few years, due to the COVID-19 crisis, there have been many adjustments or temporary changes in the laws for renters. Among these is protection against eviction. Below we will review your basic rights, as it is essential to […]