When amenities and common areas are not in good condition

Renting an apartment or a house that is part of a building or a housing complex can carry more responsibilities for landlords. It is not only about having each of the homes in good condition, but they also have to ensure that the common areas or amenities are in safe and hygienic condition. Common areas […]

Injury on Landlord’s Property

Landlords of rental properties have an obligation to ensure that rental properties are in a condition that is habitable and safe for tenants. For this, they must comply with certain laws according to the law of the state of California; this is known as the Guarantee of Habitability. If they don’t, they could be considered […]

Appropriate Usage of Security Deposits

As tenants, before occupying a property, we must comply with certain documents and requirements. These are meant to ensure not only that our personal information is accurate but also that we will have the solvency to comply with the payment of rents and that the contract and transaction are legal to protect both parties. The […]

What your landlord should not do to treat your bed bug infestation

Choosing a home to rent is an extremely important process. Not only because you must feel comfortable in the place where you are going to live, but also because you must make sure that the conditions are good, safe and hygienic for you and your family. In most states across the country, renters are protected […]

What to do when your landlord raises the rent

Getting a notice from your landlord informing you of a rent increase can be a stressful situation. When we rent a house, we do so according to a fixed budget, and there are times when the increase can exceed it. California is one of the states in the country with the highest rental costs, making […]

Emotional Effects of Pest Infestations

Having an infestation in your home or office is one of the most unpleasant experiences that you can have. Whether it’s cockroaches, mice, or bedbugs, any of these animals can be carriers of serious diseases for you and your family. Knowing the damage that a pest can have in your home can help you prevent […]

What can cause a mice infestation?

As more natural places are populated, the more we come into contact with different types of rodents. Native rodent species are important to the health of the country’s grasslands and forests. However, other non-native species, such as sewer rats, black rats, and house mice, cause problems in the homes they invade and can cause not […]

What are my rights and responsibilities as a tenant

Renting a home where you can feel comfortable and safe should not be complicated. And being able to live in it with peace and quiet is something that every tenant wants. In California, some laws regulate the rights of tenants and landlords, allowing both parties to benefit and for the relationship between them to run […]

Why a tenancy agreement is vitally important

Renting a property can be a complicated process. Not only do you have to find a place that suits your needs and budget, but also that has safe and healthy conditions so that it is habitable and does not cause you any problems in the future. A lease is crucial to establish the terms the […]

Uninhabitable Real Estate

In this week’s blog we want to share extremely valuable information for renters in California. This information will help you define when the home you are renting is definitely not habitable and if you should leave as soon as possible. California law guarantees tenants livable conditions when they rent or lease from a landlord. It […]