Reasons you can sue your landlord

No tenant rents a property expecting to have problems with their landlord. On the contrary, generally, both parties want the relationship to be on good terms from the beginning and maintain this throughout the period that the tenant wishes to remain to rent the property. However, there are times when problems arise, and it can […]

Landlords’ and Tenants’ Responsibilities to Structural and Exterior Repairs

Landlords have an obligation to maintain their rental properties in habitable conditions, and this includes regular repair and maintenance of the exterior and interior of the home. In addition to this, there can also be structural damage to a property that is crucial to repair for the safety of the tenants. Structural and exterior damage […]

What are tenants’ rights in California?

In order to rent a place to live, we must consider different factors. Our budget, the type of housing that we need, the surroundings, the proximity to our workplaces or schools, and, above all, a responsible landlord with whom we can have a good experience. Landlord-tenant relationships can often be quite problematic if things are […]