Uninhabitable Real Estate

In this week’s blog we want to share extremely valuable information for renters in California. This information will help you define when the home you are renting is definitely not habitable and if you should leave as soon as possible. California law guarantees tenants livable conditions when they rent or lease from a landlord. It […]

Landlord duties for habitable rental units

As a tenant in California, it is crucial that you are aware of and familiar with the landlord’s obligations to ensure a livable home. Therefore, we will share some key laws and information that define habitability standards. As previously mentioned, your landlord must provide you with a safe and habitable place; failure to comply with […]

Public Health in the Wild

A glimpse of Public Health off-campus, in this issue we take a look at a law firm specializing in Habitability Law.

Where does it come from?

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